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Unusual accidents suffered by drunks

It's not difficult to find a reason to get rather tanked if you put your mind to it. Not surprisingly, some of us simply don't know when to cork it, pay the bartender and stagger off. Pouring one last drink almost invariably transforms into one drink too many, and another for Uncle Charlie.

The usual damage after a long night of pub crawling amounts to nothing more than a fierce headache, or an empty pocket. But other nights are better left forgotten. That is, assuming you can remember them in the first place.

Any experienced drunkard can attest to the fact that there really is nothing quite like nursing a sore sense of pride the morning after the night before. So to help ease your next hangover, read these unusual drunken mishaps. Perhaps, your worst moment of drinking may not be so bad after all.

Dance, dance fever

On holiday in the tropics, a young lady and her boys were enjoying frozen margaritas on the beach. And with the salsa music blaring and the tequila shots flowing like wine, the young lady decided to put on a burlesque show. The lads howled their approval, raging drunk.

Completely hammered, she climbed atop the closest car and commenced her awkwardly sensual gyrations, much to the delight of the surrounding lads who had put her up to it. The scene nearly turned randy until one of the young men decided to join the fray.

Before she could react, the young lady was lifted onto her self-appointed dancing partner's shoulders. And in the next instant, the poor girl was dropped onto the hot sand like a kilo of baking flour. As it happens, tequila does not in fact make you more attractive, or a better dancer.

Skate or die

Years ago a man in the southern United States attended a family backyard gathering and, of course, served him far too many tap beers from the party keg. The middle-aged man's nephews loved extreme sports like skateboarding and had even built a private skating park on their property.

The lads performed stunts throughout the day which gathered a crowd of enthusiastically faced gawkers. But as the evening went on, the drunken man turned so bold as to try his own brand of skating stunts.

So beer in hand, and cameras poised to capture his most glorious moment, the man mounted a skateboard and approached the lip of the ramp triumphantly. His stunt, however, fell flat.

The man tumbled face first to the bottom of the ramp, knocking himself unconscious for some minutes. His skateboard had slipped out from under his feet as he stepped aboard. Upon waking, the man asked how his stunt went off and told his nephews to pour another beer from the keg.

Which just goes to show - some people just never learn.


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